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As usual, the newest release in the Dave’s Picks series comes with extras beyond the music. There’s the colorful artwork of a house with a vagina for a door, and some cool pictures via Master of the Visual Galleries, Nicolas von Meriweather. Also, an essay from long-time Dead scribe Dennis McNally about how the show (McNally’s first) almost didn’t happen due to Garcia and Hunter getting busted in Connecticut Jersey the day before.

Once again, TotD was not asked to write the liner notes even though I sent in a sample I worked very hard on.

Tell the nice people what you wrote.

It’s good; they should take my word for it.

Tell them what you wrote.

Fine: If 3/28/73 were a pasta, it would be rigatoni that knew how to give a killer blowjob. This show is like some sort of Spaghetti Suckoff and I’m going back for seconds. Pile my plate high, Grandma, and then shove it in my crotch!

Do you understand why that’s not acceptable?

Is it racist against Italians?


Is it racist against cocksuckers? Or pasta?

You’re not getting the point. Even if that was the right way to cheerlead for a show, you shouldn’t be doing that: the show’s been purchased. You need to add a little something. A story pertaining to the show.

Can I mention Hitler?

Must you?

Y’know, I could actually make the same point using Winona Ryder as an example. Forget Hitler.

We must never forget Hitler.

No. We must never forget Hitler.

That was weird.


What if I use the space allotted to me in the liner notes to attack enemies and give diet tips?


Poetry about being in Mickey.

Hell, no.

Free verse about being in Mickey.


How many times should I thank American Express?

At least twice, I would imagine.



  1. ToTD…

    Things get so non linear here in the Comment Section…

    So I have to ask..

    Are we still in Mickey, or can we come out now.. You sort of left us in there.


  2. Mickey says we are stuck.

  3. This is a mind-bending show, we all need to get unstuck and listen.

  4. Didn’t Garcia and Hunter get busted in Jersey?

  5. Oh and also…..dahk stahhhh

  6. Also: On March 27, 1973, Jerry Garcia was pulled over for what should have been a routine speeding ticket in New Jersey. The traffic stop turned into a full-on nightmare for the Grateful Dead leader when police searched his car, resulting in a charge for drug possession.

    He and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter had a day off while on tour, so they decided to drive to the next date in Springfield, N.J. Two hours into their leisurely drive, they were pulled over by New Jersey State Trooper Richard Procahino as Garcia was doing 71 mph in a 60 zone.

    As Garcia opened up his travel bag to get his driver’s license, the officer noticed a plainly visible bag of pot. Though Garcia also had cocaine residue on him, the state trooper did not discover that. Hunter made a couple of phone calls and an old friend of Garcia’s, John Scher, came to his rescue with the $1000 bail. Garcia escaped relatively unscathed, sentenced to a year of probation for possession.

    “Where does it say in the Scriptures you can’t get high or raise your consciousness?” he later rhetorically queried People Magazine.

    Drug busts were nothing new to Garcia or the Dead. They’d been busted many times dating back to 1967. Their New Orleans bust in 1970 was, of course, immortalized in the song ‘Truckin.’

    Garcia’s use of hard drugs began to escalate while the band were on tour in the early ’70s; first in 1973 with cocaine, and later in 1975, when Garcia took to heroin. Garcia once said, “As far as I’m concerned, drugs are not the problem. Other stuff is the problem.”

    Former Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully saw it differently, telling author Robert Greenfield, “Once it became a real habit, he wouldn’t look after himself, and he started burning up the bedroom and the hotel rooms and so on. His nods got to be very scary.”

    Read More: 40 Years Ago: Jerry Garcia Arrested for Speeding and Drug Possession In New Jersey |

    • Bonnie Lass of Fenario

      October 7, 2015 at 10:29 am


      The “almost didn’t happen” made me very curious and I couldn’t find anything online.

    • Some nice detail in there. The idea that coke only became a problem in ’73 is a little behind the curve, but sure.

      By some accounts posting the bail was the start of Scher’s rise in prominent vis a vis the Dead

      • “prominence”

      • If you are a Grateful Dead, especially the master jedi Garcia variety, out of control cocaine use (ie “escalation”) is defined as having “residue” all over your black shirt and beard and Parish picking up a 1/4 oz a day of fish scale. It is all relative.

  7. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    October 7, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    Interesting: I successfully ordered a copy last night and this morning it appears to be “sold out”.

    But I’ll lend my copy to you if you missed out.

    • Most of the DaPs limited pressing are pre-sold. A subscription to the whole of the next years series of four releases goes on sale in the last quarter of the year before. The few extras available (normally up to a couple of thousand copies) around the release date of each volume are usually snapped up quickly by those who didn’t spring for the year. Subscribers also get a bonus disc, usually with the second release of the year.

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