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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Am I Being Detained?


“Sir, can we see some identification?”

“Fuck you, cop.”

“Stay there, sir.”

“I go where I want.”

“I will tase you!”

“It’ll bounce off. Fuck you.”

“Last warning, sir!”

“Shut up or I’ll eat you.”


  1. Cat VS alligator,

    Cat wins.

  2. While I can’t be sure about how congenial alligators might be, there is a friendly side to crocodiles. Here, a croc helps a wild boar to cross the highway.

  3. Where once photos would appear, now there is just a url.

  4. Test:


  5. Nope, even worse.

    • Robin,

      there are like 20 posts after this now, so you might never see this.

      Download image, resize to fit inside 240 pixel square, and use form below to upload.

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