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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

American Idols

mickey peter shapiro taylor hicks.jpg

Hey, Mickey. Who is that?

“Peter Shapiro.”

I know who Peter Shapiro is. The other guy.

“Clay Aiken.”


“Kelly Clarkson.”


“Brian Dunkleman.”


“The Situation?”

Just say you don’t know, Mick.


  1. I dare Mickey to wear that on his next trip to Bohemian Grove. I’d bet it’s a hit.

  2. La La how the life goes on……..

  3. Whenever I see Shapiro, I think the following. He should write a book called how to succeed in business while being totally always constantly high.


  4. other dude is the co-host of that British baking show?

    i dunno, all those ppl look alike to me

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