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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

American Woman

donna jean long skirtHey, Mrs. Donna Jean. You look rustic.

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment, sugar.”

Totally was. You look so pretty that your daddy would have to find you a husband from back East.


You look like you could run the farm on your own.


It’s like the Wells Fargo wagon is-a coming round the tracks, and you’re in it, and you’re smokin’ hot.

“Stop talking, sugar.”

Yes, ma’am.


  1. I think you’ve probably given her more attention than any other media outlet I’ve ever seen…by far…and she deserves it. Why the fuck so marginalized?

    • First of all: how dare you call me a media outlet. I take offense, sir. Pistols at dawn, or around 10:00: whenever we get up.

      Second: complicated, like everything else. Sexist? yeah. But she also sang out of tune a bunch. But so did the rest of them, plus they played out of tune, too.

      Plus, mrs. Donna Jean was never her own strongest advocate. I always got the feeling she was an essentially shy person who didn’t particularly love being onstage.

      • By 10 I’ll be to whipped to duel effectively. The kids will see to that. Let’s agree to a few shotguns now and continue to dig into that 11/25/79…I’m liking it.

        I think your second point about Donna is a solid reason. I guess she walked away when the split occurred and that was it. But damn, I’d like some resolution.

      • It’s John Mayers fault, he’s a misogynist

      • I like you, BartonMall

  2. Trying several of these as pickup lines. Will report back…

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