Bobby, that’s not a rando. That’s Amir Bar-Lev, director of the acclaimed Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip.

“Ah. I’m looking forward to watching it”

It came out several months ago, Bobby.

“I know. I’ve been, uh, binge-watching Friends. There’s like a million seasons.”

True. Friends? You like that crap?

“Great stuff. Y’know what that show’s really about?”



Uh-huh. A certain kind of relationship, to be specific.

“When I watch, sometimes I like to wonder who in the Dead was who. For example, Phil is a Chandler.”

Could Phil be more Chandler?

“He couldn’t. And, uh, I’m a cross between Phoebe and Joey.”

Accurate. Garcia?

“100% Rachel.”

I can see it.

“Oh, and–and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this–that Rachel girl always has her headlights on.”

Like Garcia?

“No. Jer was famously soft-nippled.”

This conversation has gone in a strange direction.

“Conversations often do.”


“Wait. I know why I’m here.”

It always comes to you eventually.


Right. What’d you have?

“Vegan charcuterie.”

How was that?

“They just brought me an empty plate.”


“And this is the director fellow.”


“Amyl Ben-Nitrate.”


“Amy And-Steve. No, that’s a couple me and my wife–”

Natasha Monster.

“–play parcheesi with. Was I close?”

Close enough.

“He seems like a decent sort. You sure he’s in show biz?”

Positive. Why?

“He didn’t molest me at all.”

He’s an ally, Bobby.

“Good to know.”