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Amplest Sampler

The 30 Trips box sets are arriving at Enthusiasts’ homes, and I’m sure it will be available illicitly soon, but the Dead may have hit on a preventative measure against piracy: spread the thing out over 80 discs. Just the physical act of putting the things in the computer, and taking them out, and putting them back, and getting a new one, and writing things down: this is exhausting to write about, I cannot believe someone would actually do such a thing. Cheers to you, internet pirate.

I feel that there’s some cover–morally–in the fact that the box set sold out (as did the recently announced Dave’s Pick 16 in, like, 24 hours) and it could even be argued that had I wanted to purchase one, I would have been unable to. They would not take my money, it could be argued. That is obviously a terrible argument (I knew the box set was available for purchase) and a lie (torrenting it was the plan all along.)

There will be discussion of the highs (’68) and lows (one of the shows from the 90’s I will not be listening to ever) in the box, but until it comes onto the torrent sites, I’ll be spending the evening with the sampler, 30 Trips Around The Sun – The Definitive Live Story, which is not sold out and is available wherever fine leather goods are sold.

So: if you have money, and enjoy the Grateful Dead, and don’t freak out when the wrong songs follow each other, go buy one of these suckers.


  1. There’s more: “Along with the aforementioned book and scroll, you will find an original Grateful Dead concert ticket and backstage pass from the UCSC Grateful Dead Archives included as a token of our appreciation for your patience.”

    And even more: “Unroll that scroll! Does yours say MIRACLE? Well, we can’t gift you with tickets to 78’s best show but we ARE going to grant each miracle scroll holder with a personalized Grateful Dead 30 Trips RIAA-certified Gold Record plaque as well as your numbered scroll.”

    Since I am getting a ticket and a backstage pass, I just need to borrow the Time Sheath for a bit.

  2. Got mine today. It’s really beautiful and cool and BIG. The clarity of the discs I’ve sampled is fantastic.

    Albany 3/27/93 has Corrina on it so I’m guessing that’s the one you ain’t liking.

    I didn’t get a MIRACLE Scroll so I’m off to the Deadnet comments section to bitch about how unfair this is with everybody else.

    Seriously, for me this sucker is good value for the money.

  3. It’s a damn lot of work to put this all together in one torrent. I thought there was a chance it would get broken up by show. But no, it’s out, and it seems they went through a lot of trouble to get it right, FLAC and a pdf of the booklet as well. Thank you, torafugutei.

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