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An Enthusiast’s Guide To The Brexit

What is a Brexit?

An unpleasant-sounding portmanteau.

How will the Brexit affect the Grateful Dead?

It won’t.

How will the Brexit affect Enthusiasts?

On which continent?

North America.

It won’t.

At all?

Well, if you’re heavily invested in the currency markets, then you’re probably having a stressful day.

What if you don’t quite understand what a currency market is and just use money to buy stuff?

You’re golden, Pony Boy.

Okay, but what about Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom?

They should be getting their information from someone other than me. And quite frankly, they should have done it weeks ago.

Are you going to be helpful?

I’m trying, but–like most Americans–I have very little actual knowledge of British politics or the inner workings of the European Union.

Doesn’t seem to stop anybody from having an opinion.

The right to be ignorant at the top of your lungs is the pretty much the subtext of the First Amendment.

Do they have a First Amendment in England?

They don’t have any amendments.

So why are we talking about it?

Because no American conversation about politics is complete without at least one misreading of the First Amendment.

Can we get back to the UK?

Sure. Flights are cheap now.

What’s going to happen to Britain?

Who am I, Nostrildamus?


Jewish psychic.

Nice one.

Listen: no one knows. That’s the problem, really. Hell, the referendum wasn’t legally binding, so Parliament might just decide to ignore the vote.

Will that end well?

Oh, God, no.

Is there a overarching takeaway from this?

Yes. 2016 is the year the 20th century ended. What we referred to as the “Post-War” years? They’re over.

So what comes next?

Pre-war years, I guess.


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    concerned quite frankly about our rita

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