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An Evening With A Grateful Dead Show


You know I never do the whole Show of the Day thing: there’s nothing wrong with it, but I prefer my show selection process to be more stochastic. A random walk through the Vault, if you will. (Or even if you won’t. You don’t get a vote.)

But, you know: Harpur College, man. Not just a night with the Grateful Dead, but An Evening With The Grateful Dead. Maaaaaan. New Riders and Acoustic Dead and then they play so loud, maaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Stop that.

It’s the little things about this show: the way Garcia absent-mindedly sings along with the chords in Dire Wolf, or the banter between Dire Wolf and BIODTL, or the way they start BIODTL with the number of beats they started it with.

Stop this, too. You’re just describing what’s currently happening in your headphones, not enumerating highlights.

Highlights are for lowlifes. Harpur College must be savored in its totality. You can’t nibble at the edges: relax your throat and take Harpur College down all at once. You can do it. Breathe through your nose. Sloooooooowly.

Holy shit, stop that.

The Cumberland is surely one of the Six Cumberlands of Powers.

Yes. There can be no doubt.

Praise be to the Cumberland.


(Some of you might not have it on your hard drives, I suppose. That’s fine: we were all noobs at one time. The important thing is realizing that you’re a noob. The next step: stop being a fucking noob, noob.)


  1. It is the incredible show fer sure. Now with the passage of time we have stellar may 1 ( great sndbrd) and May 15 shows too, (among others) What I find interesting is that only the acoustic set is stereo, the electric sets are mono which are super powerful. Janis Joplin me and bobby McGee was also mono and I remember reading bears webpage his ruminations on mono. I used to have it ,before the dp came out , on tape which included the riders set but I’ve lost that long ago.

  2. stochastic. wow.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    May 3, 2016 at 10:43 am

    i smell gunpowder

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