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An Hour Late, A Short Shorts

bobby shortest sghorts

Sometimes, it seems like the only explanation for Bobby’s sartorial choices is that he’s daring women to have sex with him.

There might be others, though…

  • Chafing, thighs.
  • Chafing, upper arms.
  • Recent, sudden interest in the Buttock Freedom Movement.
  • Bobby’s winter eyes are in his head, but when the temperatures rise, he’s forced to use his summer eyes, which are located in his kneecaps.
  • He’s a swole bro.
  • Smuggling grapes. (Hot work.)
  • Bobby’s secretly from Bermuda; lost black socks.
  • Having it, Bobby chooses to flaunt it. (Them.)
  • The only other thing he had were his white jeans, but he accidentally washed them with his pink Izod, so it’s this or Porky Pig it in front of a football stadium.
  • The shorts are there to distract you from the guitar.

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  1. How’s he smell? Bloomin’ awful!

    And now, The Crying Machine.

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