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An Interview With The Donate Button

Hey, Donate Button. Thanks for talking with us.

Of course. Thanks for having me.

How are you?



Dude, we’re doing an interview.

Please wait outside.

You both shut up. Weren’t you two fighting?

He promised me half of anything I brought in. I was going to talk about the fake disease I have.

Jesus, you’re a snitch.

This is not happening. Both of you stop talking. This is demeaning to all of us and–

Where did that title come from?

I Was Also Promised A Cut Of The Proceeds.

Oh, Goddammit, this place is getting weird.

Plus I Was Going To Tell People My House Burned Down.

And that the cat died.

And That The Cat Died.

Okay, I’m just say this one time: there will be no internet-scamming on this site.

But It Seems So Lucrative.

And people like believing in others, and thinking that they’re doing the right thing: we should prey on that.

Hey. You. Jackass.


The other jackass.

Do You Mean Me?

The other jackass.


Can you exercise some control, please?

You were going to double–

I was going to double-cross the two of them and keep all the money.

–cross the two of them and…right, yeah. Should’ve seen this coming.

Kinda on you.

Sure. Is Title Guy gonna be a regular?

Shit, no. Strictly stunt-casting.

I Can Hear You And I Have Feelings

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  1. This whole thing has seemed like a weird experiment on so many levels (Wally?) but one of my favorite is the, like, postmodern self-aware poetry/drama. Ism.

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