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An Open Letter To Billy And Mickey

billy mickey old hawaii

Listen, you crazy fucks: you’re not allowed to die, either.

However, as both of you have lived your entire lives in ways that would have killed normal men a dozen times over, I can offer no advice on how to accomplish your task.

Keep on keepin’ on, I suppose.



Please stop doing this: it’s weird.

I’ll stop when Mickey stops wearing espadrilles.

Oh, he is, isn’t he? Dammit, Mickey.


  1. Mickey will record release an album of his flatline.

  2. Beating on shit yer whole life adds twenty years to yer life expectancy. Keeps the karma flow correct, ya know?

  3. How much extendo-time for the now infamous Dick-Punch? Sorry, I never knew about it until I landed in this joint.

    Line theft apology down the road…

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