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An Open Letter To Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts, we must look to Lincoln. Father of the Republic. Hero of the Revolution. Fighter of Nazis. Wearer of Hats. Remember Lincoln’s words: “I’ll give ’em the vote, but they can’t walk through the front door or anything.”

Different words.

Lincoln also mentioned something about fooling people, and the limits inherent. The facts are these:

JM ronnie wood keef
Good enough to jam with the Stones.

JM rootsWhenever The Roots are playing a Marriott ballroom someone left unlocked, they call Johnny.

phil john mayer jammingPhil thought his playing was good enough to overlook whatever that garment he’s wearing might be.

In all sincerity: maybe we should give him a chance.


  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. If 1994-95 didn’t damage the Dead Legacy, I’m pretty sure it will survive this. In fact I’m pretty sure this might surpass any 95 show.

  3. yeah I’m with mom on this one — I’m only giving him a chance once he stops wearing camo pants and talking about his peen.

  4. Either study guitar with Buddy Guy, or write Taylor Swift breakup songs.

  5. Is this about the choice of JM or a continual watering down or a cash-in or all of it? Can the Time Sheath integrate these things with what came before?

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