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An Open Letter To

deadandco participation row headcount

Dear Headcount (But Also Everyone Else Everywhere):

Only kinda rockin’? What about Participation Row’s relationship to the hook: on or off?


But I come back to the use of the word “rockin'” and ask: are you Tommy Lee, Headcount? Because only Tommy Lee can say “rockin'” sincerely and get away with it. The Crüe have broken up, and Tommy Lee is most assuredly bored and naked, so he may very well be a charitable organization dedicated to voter registration by now. I doubt it, because if you were Tommy Lee, then your name would be Headcöunt.örg  so I will have to disallow the “rockin’.”

In conclusion, I demand to be placed on the Headcount Board of Directors.

Yours In Democracy,
Thoughts on the Dead


  1. My judgment is to allow “rockin” because of the understated “kinda”. Just my opinion.

  2. Looks like a Pepsi Taste Test Challenge….

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