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An Open Letter To Jeff Chimenti

jeff chimenti power 2 bonnaroo

Dear Jeff Chimenti,

Hi. How are you? I’m fine. I’m glad you were not arrested on the way to Bonnaroo. I hope you will not be arrested on the way from Bonnaroo. That would ruin your Bonnaroo.

Thank you for showing us your power, Jeff Chimenti. I just want to get that out of the way: everyone appreciates the things you do and the power you display, and your hair.

That said: dammit, Jeff Chimenti, you are a Grateful Dead now and Grateful Deads wear Grateful Dead shirts. Get that weak-ass Ratdog shit out of here. I’m sure you’ll be jamming with your dope buddy Jay Lane soon; you may wear your Ratdog merch there. This is the big leagues, and I think we both know what league that shirt is competing in.

I am sorry you forced me to chastise you, Jeff Chimenti. I look forward to many more displays of your awesome power.



ps You’re kidding me with that thing, right? Key-ter Dinklage up there?  Is that little sumbitch the other keyboards’ gimp? Do they use it for sexual pleasure? Is it secretly a dab rig? Don’t be getting all dabbed out on stage, Jeff Chimenti: that would rob you of your power.

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  1. That TOG at the end when he played that little thingie was one of the most awkward moments of an evening filled with awkward moments. Then Bobby ranted.

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