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An Open Letter To Philadelphia

Dear Philadelphia,

Please do not wing D batteries at the Pope when he visits you.

We all know, Philadelphia, that you want to wing D batteries at the Pope; please do not do this; it will reflect badly upon all of us.

You are what you are, Philadelphia, and no one is asking you to change. That you see Pope Francis and the first thought that comes to mind is to throw a Duracell at his temple, hard, is one of your selling points.

But not now, Philadelphia; please do not wing D batteries at the Pope.


The Rest of the Country


  1. The city of brotherly love. Did you see what we did to the hitchhiking robot?

  2. Being from Philadelphia and still living in the burbs, I cannot tell you how royally screwed up this city is this week. Basically shut down. You need a pope pass or some shit to ride the trains. Now couple that with one of the worst piece of shit performances ever displayed in the NFL against the Dallas Mofuckin Cowboys nonetheless and you just might see a brick thrown at that papal dude.

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