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An Open Letter To The Guy Selling These T-Shirts


Dear Guy Selling These T-Shirts,

Holy shit, are you going to get sued. Imagine if Thor’s hammer were made out of lawyers: that’s what’s about to be rammed up your asshole. Prince’s crackhead half-sister who now controls the estate is going to own your house. Stop doing this thing.

I see where you got confused: there are two logos here, and one of them is halfway to public domain by now. You have to work real hard to get yourself a Cease & Desist for putting a Stealie on something. I’m a believer in copyright law and intellectual property belonging to its creators, but a non-hippie argument could be made that the Stealie belongs to all of us at this point.

But the logo you put inside the Stealie? That sumbitch belongs to one guy, and it doesn’t matter that he’s dead: he will come back to life just to sue you.

Don’t die on this hill, man.


ps The Stealie is pretty neat, though. Here’s a bigger version:


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  1. Why no Merle Haggard posts? I figured at least Roy Head would have mentioned it.

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