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An Oversight

I haven’t yet publicly thanked my new friends Chris and Martin, who invited me to Chicago and put me up and gave me tickets for no other reason than I made them laugh. This has been an oversight: these are good men, and while I like to percolate on shit, they should have been appreciated and thanked prior to now.

Thanks, guys.

Thanks to everyone else reading all this nonsense, but in a much, much lesser way. Not even comparable amount of thanks that the guys who miracled me three fucking nights in Chicago and a couch and HOLY SHIT one of ’em made me FUCKING BREAKFAST and the rest of you sit there expecting THE SAME KIND OF THANKS AS THESE TWO ANGELS OF HEAVEN?

Not on my watch: all the thanks for Chris, ditto for Martin. If, while consuming their thanks, scraps fall to the ground, you may fight over them. Stories about them soon; thanks, now.

You’re getting weird earlier and earlier lately.


  1. 1,000 cocktails to Chris and Martin!

  2. That’s actually really, really cool. I’m so glad you got to go and that these guys made it happen. I hope one day I can be lucky enough to experience something as wonderful as this or be able to do this for someone else!

    Come to think of it, I could actually just get a Sugar Da-

    I need a time out.

  3. Enthusiasts restore my faith in humanity.

  4. As long as you’re not hanging out with Chris Martin

  5. Snored all nite, kicked the dog on way to the bathroom, then woke up demanding Bacon and Bloody Marys.

  6. Having met Mike and the whole band way back in Charlottesville in 1991?ish, I would say Mike is one of the “normal” ones. Met him several times since. Phish is the ultimate goofnut and definitely one to watch out for. As for the lot…..well, there are some things they don’t teach ya in school. You will have a blast!

  7. Oh yeah, Chris Martin IV runs Martin guitars, still building em since 1833 God bless em!

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