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An Unlikely Subject

bobby tech sound check

“Look at him. Ignoring me.”

Red Metal Stool?

“Standing like that. ‘Hi, I’m Bobby and I don’t need any help standing.’ After all I’ve done for him.”

Don’t do this.

“Could not have made it through Santa Clara without me. Could not. Statement of fact.”

You should be happy for him.

“Fuck him!”

Jesus, Red Metal Stool.

“Maybe, who knows, just maybe, things can happen, and I don’t know: what if someone hit Bobby in the knee with a pipe like that ice skater?”

Don’t even say that! Not funny! Not cool!

“He used to need me.”

Aw, buddy.

“I barely even smell like quinoa farts any more.”

Ew, buddy.

“Someone changed a baby on me yesterday.”

Oh, no. That is not great.

“Ugly baby, too.”

That’s worse.

“They’re gonna throw me in the warehouse when tour’s over, man. They’re gonna throw me away.”

No, no, no. You’ll go–

“If you say anything about going to a farm with other stools, I’ll fucking murder you.”

–to a farm…yeah, okay: the future looks bleak.

“I’m married, y’know.”

I didn’t know that.

“Two step-stools.”

We’re done.


  1. It was in the 90’s at the Pittsburgh show, before the last song first set, –throwing stones– Bobby switched guitars, while switching he made the international sign language sign for “I am fucking Hot” he looked a bit wobbly.

    Folks paying attention in the audience, and on stage, in particular Josh and Mickey wished for a full verse that Bobby would sit down on that stool. By the last verse he was in fine form, but the first verse was tense.

    Not saying he is unhealthy in any sense, it was so hot. We had pit tickets but could not bear to stand so we found some seats. I certainly would have passed out if I had to stand and sing.

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    August 1, 2016 at 4:23 am

    until the sun goes down, ’til it goes down

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