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…And All The Ships Of Fools At Sea

IMG_1686I want you to look at the picture, Enthusiasts, and listen to the song Warren wrote.

Someone in your life needs to be told that they are loved: go find that fucker now, hunt him down in his sadness and isolation, tell him it’s all gonna be okay.

We all need to be lied to when we’re feeling down.


  1. Oh, dude, I’m an expert at this stuff.

    Get yourself some tissues, Lubriderm, a compu… No, wait, wrong list.

    Maybe I’ll just let you have your moment.


  2. Another great Zevon tune ToTD. I never gave him a chance ( werewolves yeah) till i started following your site. And i thank you for opening my eyes to this mans genius. Fairly prolific f-er he was.

  3. Never too much Warren.

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