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Your opinion on Dead & Company doesn’t matter, and neither does mine, and nor does anyone’s, and that goes for all the bands and all the singers and all the songs. Make your lists and organize your collection and write your reviews and it will not move the universe’s needle.

Her opinion matters, and she gave it.

God bless the Grateful Dead, or what’s left of it. God bless what’s left of us all.


  1. God bless the Grateful Dead and those who blog about them.

  2. Off topic: Just read about a Grateful Dead -Roy Head connection… Doug Sahm played on Wake of the Flood. Doug Sahm shared a bill with Roy Head and the Traits at a sock hop at San Antonios Municipal Auditorium in 1959.

  3. She was probably born after Garcia checked out.

    The world is a weird place.

  4. Thank you. Just shared this on Facebook with this comment;

    “Words of wisdom from ToTD for all those deadheads stridently pontificating (mostly negatively) on the new lineup and measuring the worth of their opinion by the number of shows they’ve seen. Much more elegantly stated than my usual shut the fuck up.”

    I will be pasting this post/pic as a kind answer to every one of those threads that make it to my feed.

  5. yeah, but what would Pigpen have said?

  6. Pigpen would have shagged that chick for sure!

    Is it just me or is the Grateful Dead “world” more popular than ever right now?

    Happy Fathers Day all ……

  7. I figured this out in the early eighties.

    Another quote I saw somewhere the fits in here was:
    “Did you know you were capable of irrepressible joy?”

  8. snivelingsneven

    June 19, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    Seriously, this pic gives me goosebumps… If it was a poster, I’d hang it on my wall.

  9. Just did Riverbend and Deer Creek. I didn’t realize I was an old head until after deer creek when the younger attendees post shows were complaining “the show was too slow”. I’m saying back to them: “I’ve dreamed about this since 1980 when I first heard Live Dead and it changed my life!” I said: “are you serious? We just heard Viola Lee, Dark Star, St Stephen while Bobby sang all of his favorite ballads over the last two days and you are asking for up tempo dead tunes? The guy says to me “I guess it’s all about the songs you want to hear that make it a good show or not.” WTF are you fucking kidding me. You didn’t think these 2 nights were good? Fuck me! Dead and Co kicked it and are the best post Jerry experience I’ve ever seen! Fuck! There is nothing like a Grateful Dead Concert and some of these kids will never get there.

    • The kids in my area seemed to get it. More or less.

      That said…

      It might be harder to “get there” nowadays than it used to be.

      Note to the kids..

      You have to:
      pay attention

      It is easier to do the above when you are not:
      Posting to Facebook

    • Last year I was raving about the new line-up (after admittedly poo pooing the Josh Mayer selection) and our host here asked several times if those shows weren’t on the slow side. I didn’t think so and any slowness may have been from working on the mind meld. I didn’t really notice, I was just too happy with the groove they were hitting.

      There were several families sitting around me at the Verizon show and they were all digging it. We’re talking kids from 5 to 18. Maybe having parents who’d already exposed them to the music made a difference?

      Sounds like some of the kids RasScott talked to are victims of the age we’re living in, fast, get what you want when you want it with the click of a mouse.

  10. That’s what Garcia was looking at when he met his third wife

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