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And If All Your Friends Joined The Grateful Dead, Would You Do That, Too?


“Rando War!”

What? No. You missed it by, like, a month.

“Lots happened since then.”

Things move pretty quick in this universe. Hey, Bruce: question.


I read this interview with you where you said you didn’t drink, but your band does and every year or so, you would join them because they thought it was funny.

“Yeah, the guys love it. I get silly real fast.”

Follow-up question.


If your band was all gay, would you blow dudes once a year or so?


What if they were all Italian? Would you lose wars just to make them laugh?

“We’re done.”

I just worry about you sometime, Bruce Hornsby. You’re very susceptible to peer pressure, apparently.

“Stop talking to me and my son.”

That’s your son?

“Brice Hornsby.”



  1. True story, the Hornsboys are actually major athletic bros:

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