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Phil’s at the Cap, with some Friends. Listen to them here.


  1. Battle of the J.C’s, Crosby and Chimenti both sound nice

  2. What song do you think they will play next? The anticipation is killing me.

  3. Either they’re not playing, Phil and his friends have some really big parties, or audiences have gotten really rude lately …

    and I quote
    ““When I agreed to do Dead 50, my stipulation was, ‘That’s it,’ ” he said this week by phone from his home in Marin. Touring with the rest of the group “was a nonstarter from the beginning,” he added. “It was just understood. They were all ready before we even started rehearsals, talking about going out themselves. I’m just not into touring, and those guys are.” (Citing rehearsal obligations, the members of Dead & Company declined to comment.)”

    compared to tonight, dead and co did not sound practiced. I wonder what they were rehearsing

  5. The refurbished Cap might be one of the best places to see music anywhere. I love it. Looking forward to seeing Phil there next week. Dead & Co today so we’ll see who’s bringing the goods. My money is on Phil. The Bob problem persists.

    • Second that emotion. The new Cap is nothing like the shithole from the 90’s. Sound is fantastic and they’ve got projectors displaying color and content on the walls tailored to the performer/song. Not to be overlooked, they’ve also got an outdoor smoking section where you can also enjoy your spirited beverage (and smoke whatever you want). I just wish they had the food trucks that you used to be able to get a bite to eat during halftime. But that was when they first reopened a few years ago. Great venue.

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