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As you know, TotD has eyes, ears, and genitals everywhere, especially the Foot Locker. (It’s been a while since I recommended taking your dick out at the Foot Locker, and that’s a sad oversight: you totally should. You feel better afterwards.) Pictures, gossip, popular opinion: all of these flow inwards and flood Fillmore South in a sad, weird, and lonely Grateful Dead juice.

And it is one of these popular opinions that I must refute, this idea that Young John Mayer is more suited to the Dead’s music than Tralfamadore Abilene. I have seen more than one person say that they were “gay for Trey, but gayer for Mayer.” And while all things that rhyme are true, this one is also false, and for one reason.

The last three Dead (Or What’s Left Of ‘Em) shows that TotD attended, Tripoli Ardennes was the guitarist. Therefore, he is better. Now, if Josh Meyers wants to swing down here on the way to Colorado and pick me up (I will not chip in for gas) and make me his tour buddy for the rest of the summer, then he would be better than Tr@y.

I hope that settles things.

(Also: in the background of the photo is longtime Dead photog Jay Blakesberg, and now I can’t get the image of him and Jeff Kravitz doing an Enemy at the Gates thing with each other.)


  1. Focus. Now… Find a suitable show, maybe..83? Now, review, Dick Punch, Jerry conversation in 1st person, Wally?( time sheath). Hway 77.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      June 24, 2016 at 10:31 pm

      Place has become a bit predictable, hasn’t it?

      Might be coming up on time for something new.

      • The Interstitial Highway, is very cool. Don’t get wrong. We come here for a reason.

      • It has been a rough year, it is hard to count the calamities.

        Plus Donna-Megaddon is in a few hours.

        We all need to rest, stock up on water, bread and essentials and see if we can survive the past events and Donna-Geddon.

  2. Oh man . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by that standard, early Brent’s my best dead Dead keyboardist (last in-person live Dead show: 1979-10-31, Nassau Coliseum).

    Unless I can count seeing Ratdog circa 1998, in which case I can sub in Chimenti. Is that allowed?

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