Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

And Life For Me Ain’t Been No Grateful Stair

“Weir, someone stole your sleeves.”

“Oh, no, Jer. This is the entirety of the shirt.”


“Got it at Creepy Ernie’s. Guy’s a salesman. He said ‘Sun’s out, guns out’ and I had, you know, no rejoinder whatsoever.”

“Can’t argue with a rhyme, man.”

“You bet. Gonna show the kids a little something.”

“Two little somethings.”

“Oh, come on. I got some pythons, Jer.”

“You’re not exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“Should we know who he is?”

“Dunno. What year is it?”

“I’m wearing a ‘Dead at Red Rocks’ shirt, so it has to be after July of ’78.”

“Whatever, man. You look great, Weir.”

“Well, thank you. Y’know, it’s tough being the only Bobby in the band. Sometimes I feel I have to Bobby twice as hard as other Bobbys just to make up for the rest of you.”

“Some feelings you should just keep to yourself, Bob.”

“You don’t support me emotionally.”

“I don’t, no.”


  1. Swarzenegger would have been quite well known in ’78, because of his pot promotion film, Pumping Iron, released the year before.

  2. Schwarzenegger

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