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And Miles To Go Before We Jam

Miles Davis’ electric stuff is polarizing in the way that Kind of Blue is not; disliking that record makes you objectively wrong, but hating 40-minute, three-guitar feedback freakouts is a perfectly reasonable stance to take. It’s not for everyone, and even if the amorphous, skeechy mess is your cup of tea, it’s not the kind of tea you can drink every day.

But it’s Miles’ birthday today–his 90th–and so it’s the right time. Play this one too loud.

(Fun fact: both Miles Davis’ first and last names are a pain in the ass to pluralize or make possessives out of, and that kinda fits Miles’ personality to a tee.)


  1. Pangaea and Agharta are my two favorite records. Pete Cosey is a liquid bitch on guitar and Michael Henderson is an engine on bass. I love this concert clip:

    Same band but Dave Liebman in place of Sonny Fortune on sax.

  2. Lucky to have seen the Pangea band in Tampa. Blazing.

  3. Imagine if you played in Miles’ band and laid down some licks that actually elicited a smile from him? That would be the thrill of a lifetime.

  4. Man, skeechy is just the perfect goddamn word for what this stuff sounds like.

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