Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

And Poison Him With Words

mickey bobby blue light“You think I forgot about your bullshit? I did not.”

“Kiss it, Weir. Kiss it. Find it, make your way through the hair, and kiss it.”

“I will kiss nothing. Stop trying to turn Young John Mayer against me.”

“I haven’t done that!”

“You didn’t send him a text reading “DO U WANNA MAKE FIN OF LOSS SAILBOAT W/ ME & BILLY LOL”?

“How’d you get that.”

“Because you sent it to me, Mick.”

“These phones confuse me.”

“Yeah?  You confuse me.”

“You talk to Chimenti?”

“Sent him a cake with a file in it.”

“That’s funny.”


“Don’t poison Young John Mayer against me, please.”

“Oh, go talk to Dan Rather.”

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