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First of all: this is a sweet photo and it makes me a little happy and a little sad.

Second: what the fuck is that thing on the table? Not the pack of cigarettes or the ashtray or the tuner or the cord or the amp. The other thing. Like a clear lint brush with the head of a crack pipe? I got nothing: assemble the Comment Section!


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  2. Hair tension hygrometer?

  3. my first thought was “it looks like a dab rig”

  4. Jerry and Steve go on a camping trip?

  5. That’s a freebase pipe.

  6. Parish makes a terrifying mime.

  7. I know this is an old post, but I just got here, dammit!

    Anyway, the thing in question is a Gallien Kruger amplifier. The were hot in the 1980’s. They were solid state (no tubes, dudes) and loud as hell.

  8. Sorry, disregard the idiot comment. Just saw “not the amp”

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