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And The White Jeans Are Talking Backwards

Ask as ye shall receive, Enthusiasts, unless you ask Mouthless Jenny for a hummer; then, you will not receive. Might get a tug, but no sloppy.

Where are you going with this?

In 1967, The Jefferson Airplane did a Levi’s commercial, white Levi’s in particular.

Interesting. But how does that logically follow your introductory statement?

A trusted and valued Commentator named Steve B shared this information with us because of the last post featuring Mickey in an eggshell slack.

Still not making the connection.

Then you’re a dunce. Posting a picture of man wearing white jeans is implicitly asking the world, What the fuck is happening here? AND it’s Mickey, so there’s a secondary implicit question: From whom did Mickey yoink these pants? We now know the answer is that the Jefferson Airplane–probably Spencer Dryden–was given a couple boxes full of white Levi’s and Mickey helped himself. Case closed.

What case?

I’m a historian.


I’m an historian.

That wasn’t the problem with that sentence. Let’s end with something everyone can agree upon.

Jefferson Airplane sucked.

There ya go.


  1. Check out this vid of the animation from Long Strange Doc

  2. Check out this vid of the animation from Long Strange Doc


  3. What’s with the Airplane hate-on? Is there a longer story here that some of os TotD-Heads don’t know?

  4. Have we already covered the fact that Garcia and David Nelson worked on a Levis song too?

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    January 12, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    keep my face from breaking out…..

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