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And Your Hair’s All Right

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In today’s sadness, let’s not get so caught up in listening to David Bowie’s music to forget that he was stupidly handsome, and had great hair. Not only that, but he dressed well and never got fat.

Mostly the hair, though: David Bowie had good hair.


  1. Let’s also not forget two other peculiar BowieFacts

    Bowie was greatly influenced by the proverbial Cool Art Teacher at his school, Odell Frampton. Yes, Odell’s son was Peter Frampton, and that is how Peter ended up on some Bowie album in 79 or so–they went way back.

    Bowie’s real name was David Jones–he changed it in 1967 so he wouldn’t be confused with the guy in The Monkees. Hey hey, that’s how big The Monkees were (and people say they monkeyed around).

  2. Before changing to Bowie, David Jones actually changed his name to Tom Jones. Then “It’s Not Unusual” came out and so another name change was in order.

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