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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


bobby dan rather“Which one are you again? The Canadian?”

“No, Bob.”

“You’re the one with the speech impediment and the WWII fetish.”

“I’m the one from Texas.”


“You’re the ‘What’s the frequency, Kenneth’ one.”

“Thanks for remembering.”

“if it makes you feel any better, Billy got a real kick out of that. For years after, if you heard that phrase, there was a dick about to be punched.”

“Why would that make me feel better?”

“Legacy’s a legacy, man.”

“Speaking of legacies, Bob: you seem to be doing a lot of interviews lately. You also had a documentary based on your life appear on Netflix recently. Are you building your legacy?”

“No, Geraldo–”

“Not even close.”

“–I’m not building anything or thinking about legacies. I still got a vital, i think, band to play with. I kinda like doing these interviews, actually. It gives me a chance to talk about the two most important people in my life.”

“They are?”

“My wife, Natasha Monster.”

“Of course.”

“And my greatest friend, deepest musical collaborator, and true brother. A guy I miss every single day since he was taken from us too early.”

“You’re talking about Jerry–”

“Jimi Hendrix.”

“–Garcia. What?”

“People don’t know this, but Jimi Hendrix was my closest and dearest friend.”

“I did not know that.”

“That’s weird, since I inexplicably bring it up in so many interviews.”

“Okay: wanna play some guitar?”

“Sure, but I’m gonna stare into your eyes while I do.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Bobby.”

“Are you Ernie Anastos?”

“If it will help, then: yes, I am Ernie Anastos.”

“Tell Warner Wolf I say hi.”

“Will do.”


ps. ACCESS! It’s “Access TV”. But they spelled it wrong on purpose because God has abandoned us. Okay, I understand now.


  1. I don’t get this channel, which sucks.

  2. Is that Irv Weinstein?

  3. I actually have this channel on U-verse. I live in the middle of nowhere now, and U-Verse finally came through about four years ago and saved me from dial up (max speed of 26.8k!!), but I always thought it was another Shop At Home channel. It’s grouped with the home shopping channels, not the news channels.

    For anyone that hasn’t seen the whole thing, interview was pretty ok. Bobby was Bobby. He was spacy and verbose 😛 He played some song and alluded to 12 more verses yet to be written, which just made me think about a bad Dylan tune. Nothing really “new”. Maybe I should watch it again to be sure…
    He did mention his bliss within the first like, 7 minutes, and “American Zen” right after.

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