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Angels With Dirty Faces, Asses

bruce bobby angels uniformsBilly isn’t in the picture is because he charged the mound during batting practice.


I can’t make out Bobby’s face, but he’s wearing eyeblack. I guarantee you that Bobby is not only wearing eyeblack, but that he needed to be forced to remove it before the show that night.


Those are the very same batting gloves that Mickey wore during the Fare Thee Well shows.


Bruce visited the trainer for a groin pull and the trainer was all, “You’re not actually on the team,” and Bruce was all “RUB MY GROIN, OLD MAN,” and it was awkward.


Bobby is calling his shot. He also did that in the Hostility Suite, and quite frankly his batting average there was much better.


Occasionally when I don’t explicitly acknowledge a good bowl of potato salad, the comment section screams at me, so: there is potato salad, two scoops of it. (There may also be a ballpark frank, but it could just be a shadow.)


End on a sweet note: if the Angels let them keep the uniforms, then both Bobby and Bruce not only still have them, but also know where they are. (Around here somewhere.)


  1. A drunk sleeping phlebotomist could find Bobby’s vein in the dark, on a row boat, on the ocean , in a storm.

  2. TOD, do you know how this pic came about & what year? Cool photo.

  3. After extensive inspection, the shadow contributing to the enhanced appearance of Bobby’s tater salad appears to be caused in part by the bad he is holding. Specially the knob.

  4. “Bat” damnit

  5. That’s Judge Reinhold before he was traded to the Pirates.

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