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Another Edition Of Spam Folder Found Poetry

The way these people
are living are
Something needs to be done.

Pretentious Beer Glass is a great name for a business.
Will the pub be the Pretentious Brewery?

Your assumption that those
local commits
have no value is wrong.

It sounds like someone has never bothered to try.

It seems orthodoxy has its own version of women love bangles.

Before we close,
do you’ve some other thoughts
or words
of wisdom
you would want to share with your readers?

While this may be the case, you can certainly ask.


  1. I love using spam for poems. In the early days of abusive email spam, I particularly loved the “from” names in the emails. I actually did a whole series of poems called “Women of Spam,” imagining who they were, in double dactyl higgledy-piggledy style, per:

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