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Another Set Of Lists, One Noticeably Longer Than The Other

Who Has Basketball Head Talked Shit About?

  • Mexico.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • Germany.
  • Great Britain.
  • NATO.
  • Disabled reporters.
  • Muslims.
  • Blacks.
  • Transgendered troops.
  • American POW’s.
  • Morning teevee anchors.
  • The press.
  • The leaders of his own political party.
  • His staff.
  • The FBI.
  • The CIA.
  • The state of New Hampshire.
  • Numerous comediennes.
  • The White House itself.

Who Has Basketball Head Not Talked Shit About?

  • Vladimir Putin.
  • Fucking Nazis.


  1. Thank u. My head is exploding. I can’t even muster dry wit or concise praise. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!

  2. so true, so depressing, so fucked up.

  3. and add to the first list, the group that makes up a little over half of the population of the country of which he is purportedly the president, WOMEN.

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