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Are You A New Mexican Or A New Mexican't?

Hey there, cats and kittens. Need a little something to brighten up a rainy Saturday? Ghost of Sci-Fi legend Michael Moorcock come to visit you, then throttle you for giggling at his name? Cover every inch of your body in latex house paint and asphyxiate? Did you get so sad and the howling inside your skull got so loud that you hopped the bus down to the mall to show those nice people at Foot Locker your dick again? Did they laugh again?

Here you go, Sunshine: 10/7/77 at the University of New Mexico, the Dead’s only New Mexican appearance. The Iko>Wheel>Wharf Rat is utterly jaw-dropping, plus no first set. How could you go wrong?

Weird, though that the Dead would only do one foreign show.

Stop it.


Because this is the stupidest of your theories.



  1. Depends. Is that a real poncho?

  2. Lit Up and Flashing

    December 1, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I know they played Santa Fe in ’83 and possibly another year. The second set of that show was one of the first tapes I had. I found it in the middle of a street in Salem, OR.

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