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Are You A Rando Or A Randon’t?

bobby rando jerry shirt.jpg

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Rando-posin’. Garcia-wearin’. The usual.”

Do randos ever stand out to you?

“Well, you know: I used to let ’em do stuff to me.”

But when they began doing stuff to you, then they ceased to be randos and became groupies. Or skank.”

“Groupies for me. Other guys got the skank.”


“Randos love giving us drugs.”

Do you remember any of them?

“No, but I recall thinking what nice people they were.”


“Wait. A couple of ’em tackled me. Are they still randos if they tackle you?”

Are you kidding? Tackling a Grateful Dead while screaming, “I LOVE YOU!” is the randiest of acts. The height of randiciousness. A rando can have no more rand than when he is tackling a Grateful Dead.

“Most of ’em were just over-excited. Road crew had to beat ’em up a little bit, though. Sets a precedent if you let that kinda thing slide.”


Y’know, Bobby: you’ve never gotten into scarves, and I thank you for it.

“Um, okay.”

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  1. Bobby does wear a vest quite well. Juss sayin …

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