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Artistically Speaking

Soundcheck #dead50 - Patrick“Godammit. Look at it: so clean. So safe. Where’s the danger? Rock and roll used to be about danger, and not metaphorically: electrocution was a real possibility. Do you know that no one on the Road Crew knew the difference between a watt and an amp until 1971?”

“That seems almost impossible, Dad.”

“Forget about ohms, man. I mean: high-visibility, glow-in-the-dark tape? What happened to a drunk guy with a flashlight leading the way?”

“Can’t have that kind of–”


“–liability these days.”

“Son, this is no country for old roadies. The tuggers have dried up, and the fun will not blossom. It’s about the money, not the adventure. I won’t have it.”

“All right, Dad.”

“Professional Lee, your father is officially out of the roadie game. Precarious Lee retires!”



“Telegram! Telegram for Mr. Lee!”

“I’m Mr. Lee! Son, take care of the man, please.”

“Here ya go, kid. A shiny nickel.”

“Dude, you shitting me? A nickel? Just don’t give me a tip if you want to give me a nickel.”

“I thought you were from the ’40’s! A nickel can buy a Negro League franchise!’

“No, it’s 2015. How can I be from the ’40’s?”

“Well, everything exists simultaneously and there is quite a bit of poorly thought-out use of the Time Sheath, and, um.”

“Here’s ten dollars; please don’t mention this conversation to anyone.”

“You guys are creepy.”

“Be that as it may. Dad, what did it say?”


“They want me to run the Museum of Modern Terrible Dead Art.”




  1. how do I insert pictures into the comment box ? I’ve got a couple of submissions.

    • If you found the pictures on Google, copy and paste the link to the photo and it should show up.

      When you’re doing a google image search and you find a photo you want to upload, click on the picture, then click on “view image” right next to the picture and you should be able to copy and paste that link.


    something tells me the museum is aware of Mr. Tom Noll’s work

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