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The Boulder Weekly, which used to be that free paper people in college read and is now a free website that no one reads, recently interviewed our Phil, who would be playing in town soon with Phil and Friends, which is what Phil does whenever Bobby just can’t deal with getting his liver eyed like a juicy steak whenever Phil’s immunosuppressants would react poorly with one another and Phil would be reborn as Philosus the Devourer and he’d just snap at ya with those teethy teeth of his and the first time, yeah: laughs. But every night on a three-week tour through New England? It gets to you.

So, it’s Phil and Warren Haynes, who was either the first replacement guitarist for Ozzy, the second replacement guitarist for the Allmans, or the second and fourth drummer for KISS.

And the interview is going fine until this happens:

BW: Right, right. Do you ever think about what it would be like if the Grateful Dead had come up in a time with the Internet?

PL: Well, that’s an interesting point, because a lot of people consider the tape traders as the first social network.

BW: Makes a lot of sense. 

PL: I’ve read analyses of the phenomenon that single out the tape traders as the very first social network. So I don’t know. The thing is that fundamentally the Grateful Dead are a ’60s phenomenon. I don’t think the Grateful Dead could have happened in anywhere near the same way at any other time. In that sense, we’re definitely tied to our period of history, and that said, the music seems to be strong enough to transcend that and to keep going.


“Makes a lot of sense.” NO, IT DOES NOT, YOU INTERN GOOBER. The telegraph was not the first Twitter, USO dances were not the first Facebook, and that whore Sally over yonder was not the first Instagram. (That analogy broke down almost immediately, but I feel proud of it because I displayed tenacity.) 

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    March 22, 2012 at 12:15 am

    What’s the deal with pants?

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