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Asked My Family Doctor What’s Ailing Me

Early this morning, the Dead’s luck in New Orleans continued when John Mayer was taken to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain. He’s since undergone an emergency appendectomy and–hopefully–is now flirting with nurses and making his assistants bring him clothes because the hospital gown simply won’t do.

Get well, Josh. There’s still soloing to do.

(Tonight’s show will be rescheduled; no word on the Thursday and Friday concerts.)



  1. Luther Von Baconson

    December 5, 2017 at 2:34 pm


    Get Well Soon!

  2. Minimum recovery time from an emergency appendectomy is measured in weeks, not days. Expect the last 2 to be rescheduled as well.

  3. Maybe they’ll just wheel him out in Florida and let him solo from a hospital bed. Give his vocal parts to Jeff, his toppermost to Bobby, his weed to Oteil.

  4. Looks like the boys are taking over the Howlin’ Wolf tonight.

  5. gives new meaning to “busted down in New Orleans” … get well soon Josh Myers!!!

  6. Not a tattoo guy, but Josh is, so I must say that “Appendix scar Tattoos” is an awesome google image search.

    Good chance for a freaky show if Oteil and Jeff go out and play anyhow at some place like Howlin wolf.

    Can Nugs send the streaming gear over there?? Thanks Nugs.

  7. Are you going to be nice to Josh now?

  8. Sittin’ and starin’ outta the hospital window

  9. Hoo Lord, get well John.
    And by the way, real news is difficult to process here…it took a minute before I realized this wasn’t jive

  10. When this came up in my newsfeed it only said ” John Mayer dead”.

  11. Is a hospital gown just a backwards toppermost?

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