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At Least He Isn't Throwing The Stick

mickey terrible shirt“Who thinks I look like a schmuck? You? You do? Okay, that’s one. Only one person–oh, you do? And you? All those folks over there? And…you know what? Why don’t we do it this way: whoever doesn’t think I look like a schmuck, raise your hands.

“I’m not seeing a lot of hands.”


“Where are all the hands? Oh, hey. No one likes my shirt.”

It’s a bit much.

“How so?”

Well, you don’t need to put tie-dye and the peace symbol. It’s redundant; each implies the other.

“I just wanted to take everyone to the gun show.”

You did, Mickey. And now, just like at the actual gun show, things are sad and scary.

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  1. Phil drew the short straw and was therefore charged with the daunting task of giving Mickey a stern talking to about his stage attair. Mickey would not be swayed,and stood his ground. Luckily,Phil had intervened in time that Mickey was only able to achieve half of his intended “Richard Simmons look”.

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