You look like you’re standing outside your family farm watching the sheriff drive up the road to serve your eviction papers.

“How so?”

Defiant and hardscrabble.

“I would disagree with hardscrabble. My life has contained nothing but the easiest scrabble.”


“Y’think ‘hardscrabble,’ and you got what? Pioneer people, right?”

Sure. Sod house in the middle of nowhere.

“Chores at four in the morning. That’s hardscrabble. At four in the morning, I was usually enjoying cocaine and attractive strangers. That scrabble is very easy, y’see?”


“Plus, uh, Josh gave me some facial scrub nonsense. Smells like pine. Opens your pores right up.”


“Right afterwards, you could stick a pinky finger in your pore. Biggest pores you’ve ever seen.”

That’s what you want, I guess.

“And it smells like pine.”