bobby young confused

Bobby wasted no time after being fired from the Dead back in ’68 to start on the newest chapter in Bobby’s book of self-expression. (Seriously: that’s what he calls it. He also has an actual book of self-expression that is full of pressed leaves.)

He went down to the semi-famous and partially-cleaned Medium-Dicked Sheila’s, a transvestite bar in the Tenderloin, and was drawing overflow crowds within the week with his presidentially-themed drag alter ego, Rose Garden.

Ralph Gleason said it was “a socko presentation,” and Herb Caen said it was “an experience you’ll find nowhere else,” and a guy at the show with a trench coat in his lap said, “Ooh, his dick just flopped out of his leotard!”

Unfortunately, Billy found out about it (He didn’t read the papers, but he did know the guy with the trench coat.) and grabbed Bobby by the ear, made him promise to practice, told Bobby to put his dick back in his leotard.

Billy never told anyone, but Bobby never forgot his dream. After a scotch or five, he’ll sing his opening number–Taking the Oath of Orifice–for anyone who asks. He’ll even dig the outfit out.