73 Desmoine05

What were children made of back then? Adamantium? That little shit’s been perched–perched!–there for half the first set now and Phil has been dropping bombs on him like he thought the kid was the Viet Cong and he’s completely nonchalant. He’s the li’l fry version of walking away from the explosion without looking back.

“Oh, those guys behind me? Hadn’t noticed ’em. Now that you mention it, sure: there are a bunch of what could best be described as rabid deathbeavers playing boogey music at jet engine volume, enabled by a sound system so complicated it was used to calculate the BCS standings; I was kinda inside my own head. Thinking about getting my dinosaurs and having a little imagination time.”

Also: is Keith still in this band? He show up for this gig? Where are ya, buddy?