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Hey, New Yorkers! Put down your bagels; stop spray-painting those subway cars and inventing hip-hop; Fleet Week is cancelled. I have news that will appeal to all from the Bronx to the Battery. (Real estate developers are now calling the Battery “NoBaBooBoo” and I don’t think it’s catching on.) Is it Springsteen on Broadway? No, it’s the Dead in the Village!

Hey, Los Angelenos! Stop sexually harassing each other at cocaine parties for a second. No, I don’t want to hear about your screenplay, or your sobriety. In fact, shut the fuck up and listen for once in your shallow, fruitless lives. The Dead! Yay!

What are you doing?

An ad. I am doing an advertisement. Long Strange Trip is being re-released to theaters in New York in Los Angeles in the next couple weeks.

You got paid to do an ad?

Maybe “ad” was the wrong word. I am doing a favor.

Of course.

The lovely young gentleman from the movie studio or publicity company or wherever asked me to. And, as you know, I am a team player.


He sent me a very pleasant e-mail about the matter, and I sent one back demanding that he watch me shower.

That’s why they call you Johnny Showbiz.

I’m a Hollywood dynamo.

At least tell the nice people who live in those dreadful cities where and when they can see the film.

It’s playing at the Laemmle in Beverly Hills from 10/13 to 10/19.


The Village East Cinema from 11/3 to 11/9. That’s in New York.

The Enthusiasts are capable of deductive reasoning.

Some. Some of them are.

True. This was a nice thing you did. Like a mitzvah.

Yay. I did a mitzvah.

Not what I said. I said it was like a mitzvah. You didn’t feed anyone or anything. 

I’m a hero.

I hate this life we lead.


  1. How long was long strange trip?

    I loved all of it but one 2 second shot.

    I really want to talk about the bad part..

    I resist.. but I really want to talk about it.

    Am I becoming one of “those” dead heads, a Phil-Zoner, a “ comment sectioner” ?

    I think I am, I need help, the internet is making my mean streak want to come out like a dick at Foot Locker.

    Help me before I say mean things about something I love..

    • You’re killing me Tor, what is this 2 seconds of torture you speak of?

      • May the record show that Spencer encouraged me to be a negative ass.

        It was the shot after Brigid Meier talks about confronting Jerry and Jerry asks her to leave.

        Here is the shot..
        The soundtrack goes silent( I think), and the shot is a cameraman in the backseat of a modern car, shooting out the back window, as the car pulls out of her Driveway. She is at the end of the drive, waving goodbye.

        Brigid, framed by the back window of a car as the car pulls out of a driveway.

        It might even be shot in a way that she fades out of focus, or is standing among some shrubbery or something.

        It just struck me as ridiculous, like hey we need something here, how about that car footage, or how about we drive to New Mexico and get a shot, send an intern.

        Something about it was jarring enough to make me say to myself..
        “well that is ridiculous”

        But Amir, if you read this, I loved the film, sorry to be an ass. What do I know.


        • Luther Von Baconson

          October 13, 2017 at 6:27 pm

          i figured that was it. i didn’t like the Brigid thing at all, so sad.

          • Luther Von Baconson

            October 13, 2017 at 6:35 pm

            and the creepy thing was being hemmed in a theatre with older Rubenesque dudes like myself watching this. mouth a-gog shoveling popcorn down my gullet, greasy beard and fingers. buddy i was with was prescient enough to see it building up and said “ahhhh, i gotta go now man……get some air go for a walk.”

          • Yeah agree,

          • I have yet to see the movie……but I did grow a beard ando am about to make popcorn.

  2. The Central Shaft

    October 13, 2017 at 11:52 am

    If you are in one of these cities, I highly recommend seeing this in a theater. The sound is that much of a factor–you’ll be convinced before the end of the opening credits. I will probably go again.

  3. Yes! I missed this the last time it was in NYC. Thank, ToTD.

  4. hmm, 2 seconds… Couldn’t have been Vince – I don’t think he even got 2 seconds.

  5. We could say nice things about the movie,

    Here is a nice thing..


    The Beam intro to each segment, just a humming rumbling Beam sound.

    • Other nice things..

      Watts Tower

      Europe tour footage from documentary crew
      Sam Cutler

      Folks we did not want to see, we did not see. At least I do not remember seeing some of the folks I did not want to see.

  6. The best thing: Jerry taking about how making music is holy, not a business.

  7. Also: outstanding soundtrack.

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