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Bad Blood, Worse Idea

You can stream Ryan Adams’ new record, which is a track-for-track cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989, today; I’m going to get to it just as soon as I finish streaming the Dead’s box set.

So…February? March?

To be safe, let’s call it never.


    • Where’s the false dichotomy?

      Music’s either good or bad.Ideas are either good or bad.

      If you’re a smarmy white asshole covering pop songs with a guitar, then you’re a bad idea walking.

      • Agree…..
        He pretty much belongs in the same boat as all the other pseudo-psychedelic bliss-ninnies that have found their way into the scene the past 20 years.

        With the Taylor Swift album, he’s officially stuck his head in the lion’s mouth one time too many times for me.
        There are probably better ways to get in touch w your effeminate side if that’s the goal…..

  1. all i got on Mr Adams.. bartended a show of his at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur.. we got hired to bring the drink.. we show up.. Ryan Adam’s is now sober and demands that no alcohol be served at his show.. !!.. were felling pretty f’d.. the promoters get him to agree to let the alcohol be sold inside the library instead of on the deck, but only until 8pm when he comes back.. (totally ridiculous request for an artist to ask of their audience right?)..what happens? The audience members arrive, hear the news… and we can’t pour the drinks fast enough.. we sell out the keg and all the wine before 8:00.. everybody gets hammered instead of drinking over the course of the night. .. .. ridic. F Ryan Adams.

  2. I had never heard his music really, they all seemed like sad songs.. but he did little comedy bits of banter between tunes.. after the show some lady told me.. “wow, I’ve been to over 30 of his shows now, and that was the cream of the crop.”.. oooh kay lady.

    oh yeah, and i got one more thing. Saw Ryan Adams play onstage with Phil at the Fillmore, he was not good. I believe he walked off stage at one point. think that was 05..

    >Kay, Rant done. And i never thought of or spoke about Ryan Adams again.

  3. It’s a pity so many so-called Deadheads are close-minded. πŸ™‚

    • I’m not closed minded, just old. I had/have no clue who this guy is.

    • It is physically impossible to close a dead heads mind, the surfaces are too warped to allow anything near an airtight seal.

      As close minded as we can possibly get is still orders of magnitude more open than Bluegrass, metal, classical, Jazz.. crowds.

      When those folks close their minds, it is an airtight seal, that baby is locked down.

      That said, I am unable to recognize one Ryan Adams or one Taylor Swift song, so not close minded, but oblivious.

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