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They ran a tight ship.


It’s past that kid’s bedtime.


Rarest Phil of all: baseball cap Phil.


Could the giant speaker be any closer to Keith’s head? When he died, how deaf you think he was on a scale of one to Mickey?


On New Year’s, Precarious always amused himself by getting the newest member of the crew to look for the “heavy helium” to fill the balloons with.


Seriously, why is Phil wearing a hat?


  1. As I recall, it was half past New Year’s Eve ’77. The Dead were expected to play “Sugar Magnolia” at midnight, but Bill Graham had four NYE shows and he wanted to do a Thang at the Santana/Journey show at Cow Palace at midnight before coming over to the Dead at Winterland. Little slips of paper were passed out that said “good things come to those who wait, New Year’s Eve will be at 12:30am.” But no one on our side of the floor got one (50 feet back, stage right, Jerry side), so we were left mystified as to why the Dead were starting half an hour late.

    Oh well, it didn’t matter, Bill Graham rode down on a giant joint or something at 12:30, the balloons dropped, and the band rocked into “Sugar Magnolia.” The boys came out blazing, making up for the delay: “Sugar Mag”>”Scarlet”>”Fire On The Mountain,” then a pause, then a roaring “Truckin’.” Garcia and Weir somehow missed a cue in the middle of “Truckin’,” however, and the mood was kind of lost.

    Still, fun while it lasted, kind of like 1977 itself. Even though you could argue it was already 1978 by then. As for Phil’s hat, I don’t recall it, but there it is, so–it must have happened, right?

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