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Barely Keeping It Together

Why are you the way you are?

I have no idea what you might mean.

It’s 3:16 am, and you’re paging through scans of 70’s rock magazines and listening to KISS.

If it makes you feel better, I am ashamed of myself.

It doesn’t. Why aren’t you writing a Little Aleppo story?

Because they take a couple days to write, and I don’t want to start one because I’m most likely going to die on the table Wednesday morning.

It’s an endoscopy.


Stop that.

Death is certain.

Eventually, sure. Not Wednesday.

You promise?

I really do.

Still not starting anything. That’s bad luck.

I actually agree with that.

I thought you said I wasn’t going to die.

One out of 100,000 die under general anesthesia, and they’re usually old and sick. Far more dangerous to drive to the hospital.


Never set God up for a joke.

This was my point the entire time.

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  1. The best part of the endoscopy is that you get a few seconds of the best legal high going, and it feels NICE. I always fight the countdown to make it last. Oh yeah . . . There it is . . .

    Also: “Cold Gin” is the best KISS song EVAR.

    Also: Good luck at the doctor. Plep.

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