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Basest Solos

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Taking a load off.”

I see that.

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Grateful Dead rarely featured full-blown bass solos.”

No, they didn’t.

“For a reason.”


“But, you know, Branford loves doing ’em. Bless his heart.”

His name is Oteil.

“Agree to disagree.”

You don’t even want to comp behind him or anything?

“I’m not encouraging bass solos. Mickey used to toss used chewing gum into Phil’s hair when he did ’em. I’m not gonna go that far, but I won’t participate.”

You’re a man of principle.

“And I wanted to sit down.”

That, too.


  1. A man was on safari in Africa. As he was hiking through the jungle, he heard incredible drumming coming from a distance. He asked his guide if they could go find where the drumming was coming from.
    Guide: No! We have to leave. It’s very bad when the drums stop.
    Man: But the drumming sounds amazing, I really want to check it out
    Guide: No: I told you, it’s very bad when the drums stop. We should keep going.
    Guy: But this is the kind of thing I came here to experience! I really want to hear it!
    Guide: No! We have to get going before the drums stop.
    Guy: But why? What happens when the drums stop?
    Guide: Bass solo!!

  2. The one time he needed red metal stool and it is nowhere in sight.

    • Actually, there was this other time when he really, really needed a place to sit down, but we don’t really talk about that.

  3. If Oteil reads this he should know that it was a great bass solo even if we don’t think bass solos belong in the band.

    Things are getting weird, they nearly played A Love Supreme coming out of space. Billy had to spin his hands in a wheel like manner to get them back on track.

    Bass Solos, Jazz songs, what is going on here? Jeff and Oteil may have been compromised by some foreign music influence. Without Jerry to talk them out of it, or Phil to yell them out of it, where does it end?

  4. Drinkthewater

    June 4, 2017 at 11:42 am

    For a while it lookes like Mayer and Weir were sitting next to each other like old pals thinking “should one of us rein him in, or should we send for a doobie?”

  5. Only a churlish fella would deny that the bass solo in eyes of the world by Phil is pretty boss.

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