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A recent comment requested a post on Scientology. Whether it was Scientology vis-a-vis the Dead or just by itself is beyond me at this point and I just don’t have the energy to look it up. The request must be denied, of course. I’m pretty sure just by entering the word Scientology into the bloggings that I have been inscribed on sort some of list that I want no part of. I agree with the Supreme Court (of this country, not Germany) that Scientology is an actual religion and not, for sure, the easiest tea leaf to read in the question of humanity and its evolution. We shall not achieve the stars because it’s 2012 and people are still stupid enough to throw in with Scientology.

As for the Dead AND Scientology, I will also not be investigating any links. I will not comment on the fact that Scientology was made for the Dead: the goofy sub-Blavatsky metaphysics, the misapplied use of scientific terms, the vast cash outlays. Now will I mention that Hubbard and Billy buy their captain’s hats at the same store: The Fash’n Cap’n, down by the docks where the wind blows and so does Wendy.

So, there you go, fine sir: I will NOT sully my precious, virginal (sigh) bloggings with a post based on a REQUEST!

(Seriously: anybody got anymore requests? I’m hitting a wall here.)

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  1. Now they have you! I will not take responsibility for what they do to you as an SP.

    I still wonder how far Tom Constanten has flown in the ranks. Have they let him in on the Vqtrdan Omega VII covenant, or is he still just a commoner?

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