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Bear, Foot

CHpsVOAWoAEhGusAw, gnarly! Now, I can look at digusting hippie feet AND those fucking bears at the SAME TIME!


  1. Amputate the feet of anyone who wears these.

  2. I got the email from Chacos & almost forwarded to you. Figured I wouldn’t have to. Yes, I own some but save them for foot-appropriate settings. Of which there are few. Basically the beach and camping. I think it’s appropriate to display your toes only in settings where it’s appropriate to display your navel.

    However: get about 10, 20-thousand pair and set up a table outside Soldier Field selling them for 200% of retail = ironclad retirement plan.

    • As I have never entered the woods or nature voluntarily and will therefore never have to see hiking-dudes’ feet, I will grant dispensation to forest-based sandalry.

      As to the second point: aren’t scary dudes from the GD Mafia gonna be carving suckas up if they sell without tribute, yo?

    • Shapiro is going to make a fortune on the merchandising — smelly feet not withstanding. This also opens up merchandising of Nose Plugs for the venues. Literally Christmas in July.

  3. I see your god-awful dancing bear Tevas, and raise you the cowboy boot sandal:

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