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Because Fifteen Minutes Wasn’t Enough

The Protector of Portland, Mr. Completely, alerts us in the comments to a mid-70’s Visions of Johanna that will blow not only your socks off, but also the socks of anyone within a two-mile radius. If you have neighbors with diabetes that wear those special circulation socks, then they will probably lose their feet.

So, you know: decide if it’s worth it. TotD does remind you, though, that old people are like children: society tells us they’re all wonderful, but reality shows that most are kinda assholes and they smell weird.


  1. Ooooh baby, Jerry’s got the bull by the horns.

    • Nope still prefer the 2/21/95 version. Jerry was peaking in 95. You 70s fans are all dinosaurs, what do they know. hahahah

      BTW I told you posers that Jerry played this in the 70s. But NOOOO, no one believes August. I get no respect around this looney bin. 😉

      • August, your the Rodney Dangerfield of the comment section. I guess that makes me the Gallagher…..and not even the real one,I’m Ron Gallagher.

      • I didn’t know Gallager even had a brother. I hereby upgrade you to The Encyclopedia Brown of the comment section for all the useless knowledge you turn me on to. Hahaha

  2. This is probably the best of any of the studio outtakes that have been released

  3. Nice.

  4. A little insensitive after the China explosion….;)

  5. This is from oct/nov 1976’if your curious,mcant remember the exact date at the moment.

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